About Eddis Farm - We are a full care boarding facility located in Mannington Township, New Jersey. Surrounded by farmland and open country our farm rests 600 feet from the road. Eddis Farm is located in the tri state area within 10 minutes of the Delaware Memorial Bridge, I-295, and 20 minutes from the Commodore Barry Bridge. Our family run business has been in operation for over 20 years now. Horses have always been a huge part of our lives, horse care has become second nature to us. 

Jackie Eddis bought the farm thinking small, just a few horses for her daughter and herself to pleasure ride. Little did she know that the run down fixer upper she purchased would become the equestrian facility it is today. Dawn Eddis instructor and manager at Eddis Farm has been helping care and ride  horses her whole life. At 3 Dawn could ride and canter her one eyed pony that loved to buck. Still to this day she loves riding challenging horses and training them to become well mannered riding horses. Dawn graduated from Delaware Valley College with a degree in animal science a pre-veterinarian major. Her studies ranged from  animal nutrition, behavior, immunology, diseases, and husbandry.
Our barn is a big mix you could call us a pot luck of riding styles. Boarders and students train anything from English, hunters, western, centered riding,  dressage, eventing, to pleasure riding. We are proud of our good boarders and pleasant atmosphere. Good minds make for great horses and that is what we strive for at Eddis Farm.

For Boarding Contact Jackie Eddis
Phone: 609-420-9162

For All Our Other Services Contact Dawn Eddis
Phone: 609-420-6666