About Eddis Farm - We are a full care boarding facility located in Mannington Township, New Jersey. Surrounded by farmland and open country our farm rests 600 feet from the road. Eddis Farm is located in the tri state area within 10 minutes of the Delaware Memorial Bridge, I-295, and 20 minutes from the Commodore Barry Bridge. Our family run business has been in operation for over 20 years now. Horses have always been a huge part of our lives, horse care has become second nature to us. 

Jackie Eddis bought the farm thinking small, just a few horses for her daughter and herself to pleasure ride. Little did she know that the run down fixer upper she purchased would become the equestrian facility it is today. Dawn Eddis instructor and manager at Eddis Farm has been helping care and ride  horses her whole life. At 3 Dawn could ride and canter her one eyed pony that loved to buck. Still to this day she loves riding challenging horses and training them to become well mannered riding horses. Dawn graduated from Delaware Valley College with a degree in animal science a pre-veterinarian major. Her studies ranged from  animal nutrition, behavior, immunology, diseases, and husbandry.
Our barn is a big mix you could call us a pot luck of riding styles. Boarders and students train anything from English, hunters, western, centered riding,  dressage, eventing, to pleasure riding. We are proud of our good boarders and pleasant atmosphere. Good minds make for great horses and that is what we strive for at Eddis Farm.

For Boarding Contact Jackie Eddis
Phone: 609-420-9162

For All Our Other Services Contact Dawn Eddis
Phone: 609-420-6666

What We Offer - At Eddis Farm we offer a variety of services from boarding to lessons to camps and 4H.

Full Board Includes:

  • No charge for barn vet and farrier holding
  • 192X75 indoor w/ mirrors and heated insulated two way mirror viewing room!!
  • Outdoor ring with ggt footing, HighTech almost stadium lighting
  • Pastures w/ run ins
  • Stalled daily in summer
  • Stalled at night in winter
  • Scenic country area to trail ride
  • Lots of windows in stalls
  • Cool and airy barn in summertime
  • Jumps available in rings
  • Large brand new stalls
  • Indoor outdoor footing is grated and watered weekly
  • Heated washdown area
  • We water pastures during droughts
  • No round bails
  • No extra charge for giving supplements
  • 2 Newly renovated custom tack rooms
  • Personalized wooden lockers
  • Good people, great care, beautiful country area !
  • We feed Poulin Grain a 4th generation family feed company from Vermont and we are the Dealer
  • Poulin specializes in corn free enriched mineral organic feed that helps reduce colic and inflammation all of their feeds include probiotics and lots of omega fatty acids
  • $450 plus state tax

Pampered Private Board $600 plus state tax

  • Brand new large stalls with attached entrance to indoor arena
  • Second heated wash stall with your own washtub basket on wall
  • We are at your mercy you tell us what you want, boots on boots off, blanket changes no turn out, turn out , grp turnout or private pasture your choice.
  • Your paying to be pampered !!!
  • Your own huge Amish built tack locker
  • Kitchen style feed room with hot water sink and two coffee Kurrig machines always filled





  • I have one Hunter Trainer of the Year 3 out of 4 years for Glouchester hunter series
  • At the State horse show my kids took home all the placings in dressage, and lots of placings for Hunters as well.
  • My kids are versatile riders I like them to compete in both dressage and Jumping bringing the option of being a cross country rider along :).
  • Im trying to make the all around rider
  • Six lesson ponies and horses available
  • Rain or Shine lessons all year round
  • 23 years of riding experience
  • Riders with no experience to advanced riders accepted ages 2 and up
  • You can pleasure ride or train for shows
  • Leader for our 4H club Lil’ Britches
  • Knowledge in English, Hunters, Dressage, X country Western, as well as centered riding.
  • $25 1/2 hour private
  • $45 private
  • $35 group
  • $25 a ride for EquiShare students
  • $65 to go to a show (includes horse rental and trailer fee)
    +15min schooling at show
  • $50 to trailer someone elses horse
  • Pony rides available by apt.


The Goal of our camp is primarily to have a fun, safe, and educational experience with horses. Everything is hands on teaching each child every aspect of a horse, from grooming, riding, barn management, animal behavior, and safety, to learning how to tack up.

Some of our activities include horse dress up, horse games (red light green light, simon says), horse painting, feed bag races, horseless horse show, kids jumping contest, bobbing for apples, and the last day of our camp, the campers put together everything they have learned and compete in the camp horse show where everyone’s a winner of prizes and ribbons.

Afternoons are spent at our in ground pool where the kids get a chance to cool off. The day is completed with arts and crafts(horse shoe decorating,  making  necklaces, sun catchers,  etc), giving the horses a bath to cool them off for the day, and then hand grazing the horses and learning all their different breeds, colors, anatomies, and markings,  all  while drying off in the sun.

– Indoor riding arena helps us stay cool if its too hot and stay out of the rain in inclement weather!

Equishare program offers opportunity to own a horse without the  inconvenience that ownership entails. Students  share leasing rights to a pool of  horses.  there is only a flat rental fee so you dont have to worry about vet bills, farrier fees, tack, or any of the many pricey fees that come with owning horses.

Equishare Requirements:

  1. Two lessons a month
  2. You must be approved and determined to be safe to ride without an instructor
  3. A riding helmet
  4. A shoe with a heel
  5. If under 18 a parent or adult must be present
  6. A love for horses
  7. Horses available for clinics
  8. $40 flat fee for local shows (includes trailering and horse rental fee)

Basic Package Includes:

  • Horse safety lesson
  • Helmets available for riders
  • Interactions during grooming, tacking, and untacking
  • One hour of pony/horse riding time
  • Free real 30min riding lesson for guest of honor to schedule and receive on a separate date
  • Indoor arena available so parties are rain or shine
  • Tables and chairs provided
  • Cups, plates, napkins, plastic, and table cloth provided
  • Additional hour for opening gifts, and cake
  • 1 horse/pony is used to lead children around
  • Eddis Farm staff does the leading
  • Cost: $175

Additional Activities:

  • Extra Riding Time: 1hr $100, ½ hr $65, ¼ hour $35
  • Additional horse for petting/brushing: $30 throughout 1st hour
  • Throughout 2nd hour $15
  • Adding a 2nd horse to ride at same time $70hr
  • Horse Shoe Painting: $40 each child receives a horse shoe, and uses provided paints and brushes to decorate
  • Paint a Horse: cost $40. One of kids most favorite and exciting activity. They use washable paints to make designs, hand prints, and stencils on an actual horse. Makes for great memorable pictures.

We Suggest: That you bring along a  camera to capture your memories. We do require all participants to wear closed-toed shoes, and recommend boots and play clothes. For painting activities, we recommend a extra mess shirt. We recommend this basic party with one additional activity. Activities will be staffed during your booked party time. Most groups will have horse shoe painting going on simultaneously, while others are riding. We suggest no more than 3 participants waiting for a ride while others are involved in  activities.  All children attending will need signed permission from their parent/guardians. You can download and print these forms here, or call and request us to send you some in advance.

Pony Party Agreement Form

Permission Slips

eddisfarm1 eddisfarm2_vhxb eddisfarm4

Available for both the Girl and Boy Scouts!

Training and conditioning are so important for  new riders and green horses. Dawn has the knowledge and skills to develop individualized programs for the horse and rider. By teaching the student centered riding and the horse better balance, collection and suppleness. The pair can reach new levels in their riding. She is qualified to train all aspects of riding from hunt seat, jumpers, to dressage. No horse is too challenging it only makes it more exciting when they reach the next level. She welcomes ship-ins for lessons, will travel to other facilities to teach, and is available to coach her students at horse shows.

While your horse is in training you have the option of taking a lesson with your own horse, lessoning on one Eddis Farm schooling horses or just watching the improvement of your own horse. We gladly offer our own schooling horses to help riders build confidence and skills to be able to ride their own green or misbehaving horse. Training board has a few options you choose the amount of rides you want a week from 2 to 5 including or not including lessons. Dawn can not only get you the basics and good riding foundation your horse has always needed ,  but the skills and confidence to get out there and compete your horse.

New this year we have began construction of our elementary cross country course so soon training can include cross country exposure as well. Also we offer free jumping to help train horses how to jump in a chute we create in the indoor arena.   If you don’t have a trailer no worries she can come and pick your horse any return him home when the training month is over.  Do not let your horse just sit this winter and loose the training you have accomplished with our indoor facility your horse can keep going and be in tip top shape and training for the spring.


5 Dec 2014

Prepping for Eddis Fall Derby

Whew long day had to re-fluff the sand so it doesn't freeze tonight footing was great all day today we will be golden tomorrow thanks everyone for helping set up today Becca Mann, Ethan Tomasso, Savanah Thomas and  AnneMarie de


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